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Welcome to the USACE Survey Monument Archival & Retrieval Tool (U-SMART)
Release 5.9.1 was deployed on September 14, 2020.

ALERT / 15-SEP-2020 09:11:18

Loading data into U-SMART via Bulk Load should be working OK now. Make sure that the "Legacy CP ID" field is empty unless it is updating or replacing a existing control point.

ALERT / 04-JUN-2020 08:29:41

U-SMART has been recently updated to correct problems with linking to projects in CPN.

ALERT / 10-MAR-2020 11:24:13

U-SMART has been recently updated to include Geoid18 as a selection in the Geoid pull down menu when entering new control points.

ALERT / 08-MAY-2019 14:15:43

Due to the rollout of Acrobat DC, the creation of PDF DataSheets no longer functions. It may still function when using older PDF versions.


U-SMART last processed NGS data on 19-SEP-20 and OPUS data on 28-AUG-20.

Note: There may be an additional lag time between the time that NGS published NGS data on its FTP site and the time that the data was processed by U-SMART because NGS publishes data by state periodically throughout the month.
If you have any issues or questions, please contact us at usmart@usace.army.mil